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From David Jencks <>
Subject Plugin installation problems
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 00:28:14 GMT
We've been seeing severe plugin installation problems in the gbuild 
build; it looks like the plugins built in (the equivalent of )new1 are 
not available for use in (the equivalent of) new4 or new5.  After 
looking at some maven plugin plugin jelly code I think this might be 
because plugin:install and plugin:install-now are interfering with each 
other and that running both will never work.

I've modified what we run in the plugins to this:

     <goal name="plugin:install" prereqs="plugin:plugin">
         <attainGoal name="plugin:install-now"/>
         <attainGoal name="plugin:repository-install"/>
         <copy file="${}/${}.jar"
           todir="${maven.plugin.dir}" />

which IIUC should have the same effects as plugin:install 
plugin:install-now plugin:repository-install without the interference.  
However whether your build works after messing with plugins seems to be 
very dependent on what was there before, so please look out for and 
report problems.

david jencks

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