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From Manu George <>
Subject OpenEJB PK issue
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 15:09:22 GMT
Hi Gianny,
                I put in a dirty hack and got my app working. The problem I
was facing was in the
 private LinkedHashMap createCMPFieldAccessors(SQLQueryBuilder queryBuilder,
LinkedHashMap cmrFieldAccessor) throws QueryException { method in

Here there is a   if (null != ejb.getAssociationEndDefiningFKAttribute(name))
check inside which the CMR foreign Key was set to a read only field during
deployment. In my app the CMR FK is a part of the primary key also. So
during ejbCreate it gives error saying that it is a readonly field. I just
added a check to not go into this loop if the FK is also a part of the PK.
and the app seems to be working.  Hope this gives you more info abt the
problem I am facing


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