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From Manu George <>
Subject Another OpenEJB Question
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 11:06:29 GMT

I have two CMPs with a 1:n relationship.
CMP1 -  Order - PK = OrderPK which has a single field orderId
CMP2  - OrderItem = OrderItemPk which has 2 fields InventoryId and

OrderId and order_orderId are mapped
When i do a setOrder_orderId in the ejbCreate of OrderItem geronimo gives an
error during runtime saying cannot set read only field.

When i don't set it geronimo says partial null key . In this case I set the
cmr field in the ejbPostCreate method

 org.tranql.identity.UndefinedIdentityException: Partial null key
    at org.tranql.identity.DerivedIdentity.defineIdentity(
    at org.openejb.entity.cmp.CMPCreateMethod.execute(
    at org.openejb.dispatch.DispatchInterceptor.invoke(
    at org.openejb.ConnectionTrackingInterceptor.invoke(
    at org.openejb.entity.EntityInstanceInterceptor.invoke(
    at org.openejb.entity.cmp.InTxCacheInterceptor.invoke(
    at org.openejb.transaction.ContainerPolicy$TxRequired.invoke(

Am I doing anything wrong here?


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