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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: Java Adventure Builder Reference application
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 13:39:27 GMT
Jakob Færch (Trifork) wrote:

> What I meant was that it would be very nice, if you could spare the time 
> to fix the unpack server/distribute application issues.


> I still haven't gotten nearer resolving the issue I was referring to in 
> my mail of 2005-12-15 (the findByPrimaryKey method which doesn't see an 
> entity created in the same transaction ctx).
> My mail didn't foster any responses; would it be possible for you to ask 
> someone who's in the know about OpenEJB whether this looks like a bug or 
> a deployment issue?

I had to miss it. I'll be looking into it and will respond.

> My status is now that I've finally gotten the various web services and 
> JMS queues wired up so well that I can submit and order and see it reach 
>  "Completed State". I have an issue with the activity supplier sending 
> quite a lot of duplicate invoices. I'll look into that today, but I 
> guess it would make sense for me to create another patch.
> Should I make another patch against revision 357942, or should I wait 
> for you to commit your work and the patches I uploaded yesterday, and 
> then make the patch against those files?

Thanks for the patches! I didn't apply them, so if you could create a 
new one with the diffs between your changes and the latest sources it 
would save me lots of time. Thanks again for your contribution!

> Jakob


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