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From Dave Colasurdo <>
Subject Re: Release 1.0 New Build Available
Date Sun, 18 Dec 2005 13:42:01 GMT
Looks like the redirect at needs to be 
updated to the new location of the samples.  A link to the new location 
is shown on the old page.

Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> I have rebuilt the 1.0 server with the following JIRA's incorporated and 
> this was at Committed revision 357442 of subversion.
> The server started successfully on my system (Mac OS) for both Tomcat 
> and Jetty.  I wiped out my Maven repo before rebuilding so to the best 
> of my knowledge it works on my system and should work on yours.
> The images are available at
> The files are:
> geronimo-tomcat-j2ee-1.0-20051218.tar.gz
> geronimo-jetty-j2ee-1.0-20051218.tar.gz
> Note: These files extract into ./geronimo-1.0 which is different than 
> the file name.  Please ensure that any previous release of Geronimo 
> installed in that directory tree has been removed.
> Please take time to download and run through the images and verify they 
> start and stop without errors (there are some known ActiveMQ errors at 
> shutdown around connection problems.  I believe these can safely be 
> ignored and will be fixed in  a near term release.)
> Post comments back to the list and we'll incorporate the changes quickly 
> and keep the train moving.
> I have not had time to download and retest these images to make sure 
> they made it up correctly.  Any problems reply back to this thread.
> Mr. Blevins and Mr. Jencks, I hate to impose on you but can you start a 
> TCK run on this build and barring any major issues this might be it so 
> it would be good to have verification of the build.
> Thanks
> - Matt
> Here is the list of defects incorporated into this build.
> Completed
> GERONIMO-1363 - DayTrader still using old geronimo-spec files - applied 
> by Matt
> GERONIMO-1364 - update welcome pages to point at HTTP redirects in the
> site
> GERONIMO-1372 - Exception during startup - TradeEJB - Fixed per Dain
> GERONIMO-1373 - DB info portlet not working correctly - Applied by Matt
> GERONIMO-1375 - Invalid login to console should not produce stack trace
> GERONIMO-1377 - Startup Warning on tomcat - unknown default host. - 
> Fixed by Jeff
> Deferring to 1.1
> GERONIMO-1371 - Geronimo startup/shutdown issues

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