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From Dave Colasurdo <>
Subject Re: Release 1.0 Status - Saturday the 17th
Date Sat, 17 Dec 2005 20:37:24 GMT
I've extracted and built a fresh copy of the 1.0 branch..

I no longer see the TradeEJB exception reported in GERONIMO-1372!!!!!!

However, I still see the "unknown default host" reported in 
GERONIMO-1377.  So, doesn't look like the 1372 fix addresses the 1377 
problem.  Jeff had suggested building head. Is there some other fix in 
head that isn't in the 1.0 branch that addresses this?  Last time I 
built head (last night).. I didn't see the "unknown default host" error.

Also, concerning the conversation as to whether 1377 is a showstopper.. 
   Of course I'm sure that Jeff's assessment that there is no functional 
problem is totally accurate.  However, I suspect the presence of this 
message in the log at initial startup will cause confusion and many 
questions among new v1 users.  It may give the wrong initial perception 
that the default geronimo v1 configuration doesn't work properly.

Hopefully Jeff will tell me that this is fixed in "head" and will 
somehow be moved to v1..

On an unrelated note, I did see an exception during shutdown ..

Is this covered under any other JIRA?

BTW, How long do the paste entries last?


Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> Here is the lost of outstanding defects and their status:
> In Process
> GERONIMO-1364 - update welcome pages to point at HTTP redirects in the
> site
> GERONIMO-1371 - Geronimo startup/shutdown issues
> GERONIMO-1375 - Invalid login to console should not produce stack trace
> GERONIMO-1377 - Startup Warning on tomcat - unknown default host.
> Completed
> GERONIMO-1363 - DayTrader still using old geronimo-spec files - applied 
> by Matt
> GERONIMO-1372 - Exception during startup - TradeEJB - Fixed per Dain
> GERONIMO-1373 - DB info portlet not working correctly - Applied by Matt
> I would like to get the reminaing 4 knocked out today and respin a build 
> tonight if all these issues are addressed or we know they will not be.  
> The major ones are behind us.  It sounds like we're going to have to 
> spin an Open EJB 2.1.0 or some such release per the fix from Dain.
> Any volunteers on the other issues?  Please assign them to yourself or 
> send a note in this thread with your intent so everyone knows what the 
> others are doing.
> Great work folks.  I think we're almost there.
> I have to run some Christmas shopping errands this morning (EST) and 
> will get back on in the afternoon.  If someone needs me for some reason 
> please feel free to call my cell (919)656-0564.
> Cheers.
> Matt

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