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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: Java Adventure Builder Reference application, status
Date Sat, 17 Dec 2005 14:17:54 GMT
Jakob Færch (Trifork) wrote:

> My status is that I have AB deploying without errors on the (broken) 
> 1.0-prebuild.
> Compared to the plans/sql in the repository, so far I have:
> - Set up (more) correct references to web services
> - Added undefined web service endpoints
> - Started to get the autogenerated primary keys for CMP's working
>   (using your work from the Pet Store as template)

Hi Jakob,

Whenever you have got something worth publishing, please create a patch 
and attach it to the JIRA issue. The more often it is done, the better. 
It makes our work much helpful to others who would like to contribute.

> I feel that I'm getting nearer a working AB - having got past Geronimo 
> build and deployment trouble brings me nearer to my usual (J2EE 
> application) domain :-)

Whoohooo! I had lots of work the past week and couldn't spend much time 
on it. Thanks for taking it over during that time (but please attach 
your work to the JIRA issue as soon as possible).

> To make best use of our time, maybe we should let me have a try at the 
> application specific things?

What do you mean? Let's talk it over.

> I haven't yet succeeden in having the maven script unpack a new server 
> automatically, and the startup procedure I'm managed to get working is 
> very clumsy. Maybe you could look into these issues some time? If you 
> want it, I could distribute the diff on my sandbox/adventurebuilder 
> directory now - if you don't need it, I'll wait until the application is 
>  working.

If you could publish your changes by attaching a patch to the JIRA 
issue, it would be the best way to go on (and hopefully invite others to 
contribute). I'll be committing my changes later today.

Thanks again for your hard work. Keep it going (chances are we'll have 
finished before 1.0 is out).

> Jakob


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