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From Epiq Geronimo Team <>
Subject Geronimo Web Site CSS
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2005 22:16:31 GMT
We were happy to meet many of the talented Geronimo developers at 
Apachecon.  We have the Geronimo web site CSS, images, and layout.  The 
CSS is based on the Maven stylesheet.  This is a link that displays a 
rough idea of the layout: 

The header is ready to go.  Changes may be needed for the content in the 
body.  The right column could have important items or featured news (as 
opposed to the links that are there currently).  Please me know what you 
guys think.  We have files that should give you everything you need for 
the Geronimo web site and any other info you may need from us for 
Release 1.0 when it is ready.  Hopefully this new web design will help 
to continue to build momentum for the Geronimo project and promote the 
excellent work that you guys have done and continue to do.  The file 
with this information is a zip file - let us know to whom we should send 
this file. 

Epiq Team

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