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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: New binaries
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 19:44:59 GMT
Hi Jeff,

I just had a short look at the contents of the tomcat zip. A few 
comments, but I can not tell, which of these are actually problems. In 
general: a lot of the subdirs under geronimo-1.0/var do not exist any more:

- directory geronimo-1.0/deploy/ does not exist any more (was empty 

Tomcat stuff:

- directory geronimo-1.0/var/catalina/ROOT/ does not exist any more 
(contained a simple root context previously)
- directory geronimo-1.0/var/catalina/conf/ does not exist any more 
(contained a web.xml previously)
- directories geronimo-1.0/var/catalina/logs and 
geronimo-1.0/var/catalina/work do not exist any more (empty previously)

Derby stuff:
- directory geronimo-1.0/var/derby/ does not exist any more (contained 
subdirs geronimo-1.0/var/derby/UddiDatabase/, 
geronimo-1.0/var/derby/DaytraderDatabase/ and 
geronimo-1.0/var/derby/SystemDatabase/ previously)


- directory geronimo-1.0/var/activemq/ does not exist any more 
(contained subdir journal previously)


- directory geronimo-1.0/var/ldap/ does not exist any more (contained 
subdir system previouly)


- directory geronimo-1.0/var/txlog/ does not exist any more (contained 
two files how1_[12].log previously)

Jeff Genender wrote:
> Hi,
> I finally got Internet connectivity from the hotel in San Diego (it was 
> down).
> I have built new binaries to be reviewed.  This is not a vote...its a 
> review...after folks have reviewed this, we can move this to a vote.  I 
> have put the binaries here:
> Thanks to David Blevins for working with me yesterday to get this 
> completed.
> Please download these and try them out...and please comment on any 
> issues/changes/naming we need for these.
> Thanks,
> Jeff

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