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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject 1.0 release Candidate 2...some guidelines
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 08:34:22 GMT

Optimism got the better of us and our first attempt at a release met with some 
well deserved -1's for reasons that are not anyone's fault.  however, it has 
pointed out some obvious flaws in our process that I'd like to address now.

First, we have a Press release that reached the public a little too soon.  Not 
withstanding that issue I do not want to put out a rushed release to satisfy the 
press release.  The web site is updated and we need to get the binary out as 
soon as possible and I hope the second spin of the release will correct that 

Second, someone pointed out (I think it was Jacek) that we did not include a 
notation in the binary about what the release candidate was so that it is not 
confused with the final release.  Before releasing another cut I would like the 
naming convention of the binary and the directories to be clearer as to what 
they contain otherwise this will get confusing.  My suggestion is that the name be:

geronimo-jetty-1.0-rc[n].tar.gz for example.  Where [n] is the number of the 
release candidate (and we are now on number 2).  The next set of images should 
follow this convention to ensure we are not confusing the users.  I know these 
are release candidates and this isn't required but it would make me sleep better 
at night :)  The directory that is actually contained in the zip will still be 
geronimo-1.0.  Thoughts?

Finally, It looks like the file corruption issue pointed out regarding the 
source tar balls was some confusion over how files that are 100 characters long 
were handled on Solaris.  It sounds like a Solaris bug and not ours.

We've made really good progress in squashing the bugs and getting features in so 
  let's take this final few days and finish the release with gusto.  We're 
almost there.

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