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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Re: Move JAXB spec to Geronimo
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2005 19:56:44 GMT

Brett Porter wrote:

 > Since JaxMe is at Apache, you can move it over with svn mv.

Exactly. However, initially, I'd prefer a copy operation. (No idea,
whether that's as easy in SVN.) That would give a smoother step. We 
could wait until the generated jar files do meet the Maven repositories 
and stuff like that.

 > Has the JaxMe community as a whole voted to do this? I think it makes
 > sense, it would just be good to ensure everyone agrees. It will also
 > impact the committer list for Geronimo.

You are absolutely right, Brett! Indeed, this should have been my first 
step. It is just that I have found the directory


today and immediately had the thought that this would be a better place. 
I'll start a vote on the jaxme-dev mailing list.

If this helps: I have no problem to request that we as the JaxMe 
developers abandon work on the code base (except possibly submitting 
patches). In other words, none of us would require to be a committer.

Alan Cabrera wrote:

 > Sounds great.  Let's put it in our geronimo/specs/trunk.  If it's
 > stable, file a Jira w/ a tar of the files and I can plop that in.

The codebase is *very* stable. Indeed, it had almost no changes since 
the import into the Apache repositories (almost 2 years ago). No 
surprise: There almost only interfaces and almost no classes, which are 
doing the actual work.


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