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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: OpenEJB PK issue
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2005 13:35:16 GMT
You are right! And thanks for reviewing my commits :)

Indeed, buildFaultHandler is still creating the wrong type of 
IdentityDefiner. I thought that all dependencies on the various 
IdentityDefiner implementations were removed from OpenEJB thanks to the 
introduction of IdentityDefinerBuilder; obviously, two references have 
been forgotten :(

About createCMPFieldAccessors, the 
relatedEntity.getPrimaryKeyFields().size()  test must also be replaced 
by an isCompoundPK test. However, it seems that we should add a special 
processing to handle a CMP field mapped to a FK column referencing the 
(single) PK column associated to a compound PK having a single field.


Manu George wrote:

> Hi Gianny,
>                 Was just seeing the fix you made. 1 question on that.
> In CMPContainerBuilder there are 2 methods
> private FaultHandler buildFaultHandler(SQLQueryBuilder queryBuilder, 
> EJB definingEJB, CMRField field, int slot, boolean prefetch) throws 
> QueryException
> and
>  private LinkedHashMap createCMPFieldAccessors(SQLQueryBuilder 
> queryBuilder, LinkedHashMap cmrFieldAccessor)
> I feel that in both of these methods  instead of comparing based on 
> relatedEntity.getPrimaryKeyFields().size() we need to change to 
> ejb.isCompoundPK(). Am I right?
> Thanks
> Manu

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