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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: Fwd: OpenEJB Question
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 11:27:00 GMT
Hi Manu,

Thanks for your debugging! This was a bug in IdentityDefinerBuilder, 
which was wrongly trying to identify a compound PK based on the number 
of primary key fields.

This is now fixed.

I will create a JIRA to track this issue tomorrow as it seems that JIRA 
is down tonight.


Manu George wrote:

> Hi Gianny,
> I have done all that you mentioned. I am still getting the error.I 
> have replicated the issue in a simple EJB,the example CMP in Ed 
> Roman's book Mastering EJB. I am attaching the stack trace and the 
> plans below
> 17:02:05,211 WARN  [SystemExceptionInterceptor] Product
> <>


> While i was debugging I saw a method
> public IdentityTransform getPrimaryKeyTransform(Entity entity) in the 
> class IdentityDefinerBuilder. Here based on size of pkFields the 
> SimplePKTransform or CompoundPKTransform class is selected.
> In the case of a custom class with 1 field also the SimplePKTransform 
> is selected.
> Is this how it should behave? Could you give a general idea of how the 
> primary key values are taken from the Custom classes in OpenEJB?
> Thanks
> Manu

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