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From "Jakob Færch (Trifork)" <>
Subject Java Adventure Builder Reference application, deployment/build issues
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2005 15:06:43 GMT
I guess I'm in dire need of some help with the (new?) build process.

After running
   maven m:clean m:clean-repo new
in the source root, the build produces (among others) a distribution
named (in

This makes the unpackServer maven goal unhappy, so I the jetty-j2ee to (in the maven repository) to make unpackServer

I tried running maven m:default in the source root, but that didn't
produce anything in ~/.maven/repository/distributions.

I copied the dependency on the javamail-spec from the "main" project.pom.
The one in sandbox/adventurebuilder seemed to inherit a
geronimo_spec_javamail_version=1.0 from etc/project.propertis which
isn't healthy anymore.
This makes maven able to get through it's dependency resolve phase, but
to no help:

While trying to distribute the application (running maven -o in
sandbox/adventurebuilder) the deployer doesn't seem to recognize the
--offline option. This might be caused by my tinkering around with the
distribution files, so I guess I'd try to fix the above first.

My repository is at version 356264; I'd expect this to be on the trunk, 
not on the 1.0 branch, and I guess the trunk is where we wanna be, 
considering the AB issue has been re-scheduled to 1.1.
Would you please correct me if I'm wrong regarding which branch to use?

So in short, could anyone (Jacek, maybe?) do anything to help me build
Geronimo in a form compatible with the deployment code in

Just as welcome would be some instructions on how to avoid building the
server altogether; if I just remove all geronimo stuff from my local
repository and run maven -o in sandbox/adventurebuilder, the
unpackServer goal fails due to the distributions snapshop not being
present. Perhaps all that is needed is some maven dependency, but I have
not been able to figure out which.


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