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From "Alan D. Cabrera" <>
Subject Re: **SL-JUNK** 1.0 Release Update
Date Sat, 10 Dec 2005 17:37:10 GMT
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Some of these look like new features.  Should we scrub those from the
list, given that we've already branched the code?


Matt Hogstrom wrote, On 12/10/2005 9:10 AM:
> All,
> We've made a lot of progress over the past few days with many of the
> committers working together in Los Angeles to finish up the remaining
> JIRA's for 1.0 as well as put the build back together and finalize many
> of the features that were recently added.  Here is the suggested plan
> for the next few days:
> There will be many of the committers at ApacheCon in San Diego this
> afternoon and we'll focus on completing the release and work towards a
> release candidate for people to get access to to validate that it looks
> good.
> We will then incorporate the feedback from the users and developers to
> finalize the release and depending on the significance of the changes
> will look to provide the release version for review and vote.
> When we're assembled in San Diego and on IRC we'll put out an updated
> plan later this afternoon.
> Thanks to everyone that has been putting their shoulder to the version
> 1.0 release.  Looking forward to seeing Geronimo 1.0 out this week !
> Here is a list of JIRAs that are outstanding for 1.0.  (Woot, less than
> 30 left :)
> GERONIMO-973       Add security to /console-standard      
> GERONIMO-1021     tomcat ejb ws login and authorization doesn't
> GERONIMO-1112     Problem with sending mail using G's JavaMail SMTP
> GERONIMO-1137     Proper DConfigBeans for Connectors GERONIMO-1165    
> Changing System DB pool size to 65 causes ActiveMQ to fail to get a
> connection
> GERONIMO-1208     LoginConfig XML doesn't support the wrap flag    
> GERONIMO-777     Deployment files not removed on
> GERONIMO-1167     Upgrade to Tomcat 5.5.
> GERONIMO-1206     SQLSecurityRealm doesn't work with
> GERONIMO-1015     Management API: Web
> GERONIMO-1283     Demo Application
> GERONIMO-1290     Rename the "geronimo.base.dir" System Property to
> "org.apache.geronimo.base.dir
> GERONIMO-1148     Jetty & Tomcat Consoles use conflicting Keystore
> GERONIMO-1297     Scripts in assemblies servers probably don't have right
> GERONIMO-1286     Have CRLF line endings for zip distribution and LF
> line endings for tar.gz
> GERONIMO-1166     Enhance Startup scripts to allow process to be
> launched in background
> GERONIMO-1311     Geronimo server assemblies do not set execute
> permission on *.sh scripts
> GERONIMO-1321     svn:eol-style property not set to native on all *.java
> *.xml *.html *.txt etc.
> GERONIMO-1315     Document Jetty GBeans
> GERONIMO-1122     Updated view of configurations

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