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From John Sisson <>
Subject Re: Does there need to be a default web container?
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2005 23:39:28 GMT
+1 - I don't think we should make the decision for the user.

It would be even better if the installer in a "Choose Your Web 
Container" page, provided a URL or link to a page on the Wiki that 
provided information that would help them make an informed decision. 

See related ideas in


Jeff Genender wrote:

> This is obviously a hot topic and I hope that as a Geronimo PMC and 
> user community we are not forced to have to show preference of one 
> over the other.  There is obviously some personal preferences on both 
> sides and we are a great open source project because we do not have to 
> get behind one *or* the other.  We can get behind them both.
> May I ask why the installer/wizard cannot have a page called "Choose 
> Your Web Container" and have an option for Jetty and Tomcat, but 
> neither selected?  Does there need to be a default?  Can we just let 
> the end user choose?
> IMHO, I don't think we should provide a preference for one over the 
> other.  I really like both.  I think we should give the user the 
> choice without hinting a preference.
> Thoughts and comments?
> Jeff

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