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From "Alan D. Cabrera" <>
Subject Re: Corba spec / IDL issues
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 02:24:03 GMT
Anders Hessellund Jensen wrote, On 12/6/2005 3:09 PM:

> Lars K├╝hne wrote:
>> This question hasn't been addressed yet. I really don't see the point 
>> of maintaining our own copy either. Where did that copy originate - 
>> isn't it based on the OMG files anyway?
> I think the current files originate from the ORB in Trifork P4. 
> Originally, OMG did not distribute the idl files for the spec (as far 
> as i know).  They used idl in the specification document, but no raw 
> idl files.
>> The OpenORB compiler supports local interfaces, and it is used to 
>> compile the OMG idl files in the OpenORB build, so that part could 
>> probably work. However the JacORB compiler is much more stable than 
>> the OpenORB compiler which has a *huge* amount of bugs, and one of 
>> those might become relevant for the test IDLs.
> I did a bit of experimentation with the OpenORB compiler, and it is 
> also my impression that the JacORB compiler is more mature. I also 
> don't think the OpenORB compiler would be able to compile the OMG idl 
> files without modifying these significantly, or at least more than we 
> would have to with the JacORB compiler. With the JacORB compiler I was 
> able to compile the orb.idl and PortableServer.idl from OMG with only 
> one minor addition.

Ok, let's follow Dain's advice and run with the JacORB compiler.


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