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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: A successful build
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 01:11:38 GMT
Followed your basic steps below (except I also started with a clean 
Repo) on WinXP using trunk Rev354618 from 6:47:15PM and Maven 1.0.2 - 
still seeing a build failure:

| configurations Geronimo Configuration for performing service deployments
| Memory: 56M/97M
Attempting to download geronimo-system-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
Attempting to download geronimo-common-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
Attempting to download geronimo-deployment-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
Attempting to download geronimo-j2ee-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
Attempting to download geronimo-management-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
Attempting to download geronimo-service-builder-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
Attempting to download geronimo-deploy-tool-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.



     [echo] Running car:install for Geronimo Configuration for 
performing service deployments

File...... E:\Working\geronimo10\maven.xml
Element... maven:reactor
Line...... 58
Column.... 112
Unable to obtain goal [multiproject:install-callback] -- C:\Documents 
<attainGoal> No goal [car:install]
Total time: 9 minutes 18 seconds
Finished at: Tue Dec 06 19:34:18 EST 2005

Do we have to use Maven 1.1b2 now?  I'll try a clean build with that next...


David Jencks wrote:
> While builds seem to work more often for me than many others, I'll still 
> say what I did that worked for me:
> svn up
> (cd openejb; cvs -q up -dP)
> rm -rf ~/.maven/cache
> rm ~/.maven/plugins/geronimo-*
> rm $MAVEN_HOME/plugins/geronimo-*
> #that might not work if you are using maven 1.1
> maven -o m:clean new
> thanks
> david jencks

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