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From John Sisson <>
Subject Changing port numbers in config.xml
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 23:04:10 GMT
I am travelling in a couple of hours (haven't packed yet..) and haven't 
been able to get a new build working, so if someone has a chance could 
they look into this possible issue, if it still exists....

A few weeks ago I tried changing the RMI naming port in the config.xml 
and tried changing it in other places in the config.xml in the URLs and 
had some problems where things didn't start properly. It just could have 
been user error, but that would be worth retesting. Basically I tested 
changing all ports.  Also it appeared that the rmi port was defaulted in 
some of the URLs, so if the user searched and replaced all instances of 
1099 then it probably isn't going to work.  We need to either have the 
port numbers in the URLs in the supplied config.xml files or document 
the steps the user needs to change ports where it is more than a simple 
text replace.

I have also marked GERONIMO-1151as a blocker (EJB port problem in 
GERONIMO-1151 that I discovered whilst changing port numbers in config.xml).


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