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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: T-4 days to ApacheCon...1.0 Status and Thoughts
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 19:10:03 GMT
Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> All,
> We've made a lot of progress over the weekend and the past few days in 
> terms of testing, bug fixing as well as new features.  At this point 
> though we are running out of time and need to shift from features to 
> finish and testing to make sure we're putting out the best offering we 
> can.  Given that there are a few things we need to do and I need your help.
> First, we need to manage our way out of the outstanding 98 JIRAs for 
> 1.0.  I would like to ask everyone that has a JIRA for 1.0 (either 
> reported by you and unassigned or assigned to you) to please quickly 
> review it and prioritize it appropriately.  The assignment should be:
> 1.0 (absolutely needs to be in ... stop ship if its in this category)
> 1.1 (important but can be addressed later)
> 1.x (sooner than later but not immediately urgent)
> wishlist (self explanatory)
> Please do this today.  If you absolutely cannot let me know and I'll 
> defer them for you :)
> Because we need to finish TCK testing as well as test the packaging and 
> installer I would like to make today the last day for fixing function / 
> features..  I propose we cut a 1.0 branch tonight so we can fix things 
> like missing content in the console and other items that will be removed 
> from Geronimo that need to remain in HEAD for further development.
> Also, we will make the final cutover of versions from SNAPSHOTs to their 
> released versions for TranQL, Open EJB, and Axis.  I think we have 
> everything else taken care of.
> Preferrably it would be great if we can start a vote on Friday for a 
> release assuming we get the remaining work completed.
> Please respond to this e-mail with outstanding urgent issues that need 
> to be completed.  Here is a start for this activity:
> * Remove broken / non-functional links in the console
> * Installer work completed
> * Testing of sample apps to ensure we have not regressed

   * Continued build problems due to "new" maven goals
   * Remove links to Confluence on the Welcome page
   * Are we going to include the TranQL Connectors for Oracle and DB2?

> I'm sure there are lits of other items.  Let's get them in here and I'll 
> update the release managemetn page.
> Thanks,
> Matt

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