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From Anders Hessellund Jensen <>
Subject Corba spec / IDL issues
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 16:21:31 GMT
Hi all,

Currently, we need to compile idl files in at least two cases.

- The CORBA spec is based on idl.
- Interfaces for some test files is also defined in idl.

Currently everything is compiled with Suns idlj. This is not 
satisfactory because of a  couple of problems:

- Requires Sun JDK. This means that people using non-Sun JDK's can't 
compile the idl files.

- No support for local interfaces. The ORB uses some interfaces that are 
used internally only. These should be declared local in idl, so that the 
resulting java interfaces do not extend Remote.

Support for local interfaces is very important. Without this, the 
classes used in the internal implementation of the ORB throws a lot of 
unneccessary exceptions, which complicates the code that uses the 
generated classes.

Optimally, we would be able to take the idl files directly from OMG. 
They have published a set of idl files, which can be downloaded here: . These files generally 
correspond to our own files in geronimo-spec-corba. Using the files 
provided from OMG would be advantageous, since that would guarantee the 
correctness and completeness of the IDL.

For the Trifork ORB we used the JacORB idl compiler. This compiler is 
apparently able to compile the idl files from OMG with only very minor 
modifications to these. The compiler is under the GPL.

Therefore, i propose we use the JacORB idl compiler instead of Suns 
idlj. This would solve both aforementioned issues.

To use it, we would have to bundle it and get it uploaded to the maven 
repos, and we would have to modify the idlj plugin to support using this 
compiler. Neither should take a huge amount of work. I would be happy to 
take care of the plugin modifications required.

Note that the compiler is only used in the build process. It will not be 
bundled with the finished product or anything like that. We are not 
going to have any GPL-code in the geronimo repository by using this 

Any comments on this issue? Should i move on to integrating the JacORB 
compiler with the idlj plugin?


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