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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Re: Confluence Setup
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2005 17:40:26 GMT
Hi All,
See some comments inline.

John Sisson wrote:
> Jason Dillon wrote:
>> ...
>> I'm not sure that we need a separate user vs. admin guide right  
>> now... so perhaps we can just collect all of the documentation into a  
>> DOC10 or GUIDE10 space or something.
>> Any suggestions or recommendations?
> We need to have a strategy on how we are going manage reviewing, 
> removing out of date content, and moving valid content from the existing 
> Wiki.  A lot of the existing content is out of date or irrelevant.  We 
> need to be careful that we don't end up having two half baked Wikis for 
> Geronimo.
Totally agree, should "focal points" for documentation be identified for 
gathering/addressing all the doc strategy related stuff? or maybe a 
structure similar to "contributors and committers" should be in place 
for documentation!?
> Maybe ApacheCon would be a good opportunity to get everyone together and 
> review the content in the existing Wiki.  IMHO, if we don't have 
Guys, keep in mind that not everybody is going to ApacheCon, pls keep 
the dev list updated with your discussions on this.
> accurate documentation for the 1.0 release then we should reconsidering 
> the release (we kind of had an excuse for milestone releases, 1.0 should 
> be a step up in quality from milestones.. users will have expectations 
> of quality).
Does anyone have any docs/info that would like to include in the 
confuence site? If later it is decided that confluence is an absolute 
"no go" then we can still migrate that info out but at least we would 
have all the doc consolidated in one place to migrate from.
> The site shows we are using an Evaluation License.  We should have a 
> full license if we are relying upon it.
I would guess this will be fixed once the decision of supporting a 
locally hosted confluence site is taken.
> Is there a way we can set the footer on every page to say that any 
> content contributed to the Wiki is under the ASL 2.0 license, with a 
> link to the license, or have a notice on the edit page?  Documentation 
> contributions should not be any different to code contributions.
We had this discussion before, being a confluence admin this is really 
easy to achive by editing the current template. It should not take more 
than a two mins.
>> I was also thinking of adding a simple glossary and knowledge-base  
>> space and/or faq space, that would auto-generate listings for pages  
>> added and provide simple navigation (similar to http:// 
> I am not that familiar with Confluence, but it appears that the URL 
> above hosts discussions.  Do we really want to encourage users to have 
> discussions in places other than the mailing lists?  If we could import 
> all of Geronimo's mail archives into its searchable mail interface... 
> that sounds powerful as they say it is fully indexed and searchable with 
> your other content.
> IMHO we don't want users having to search in two different places to 
> find information.
I believe that keeping the things simple is the key. Having too many 
options on the front page may (and probaly will) cause a negative effect 
in the user.
Users getting to this (future) page is because they have a 
question/problem that needs to be quickly resolved. Getting to the 
answer should be as easy/simple as possible.

As for the mail list discussions, there has to be a way to let the users 
know which "results" are official and which are not (i.e. other users reply)

> John
>> --jason

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