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From Jakob Roesgaard Færch <>
Subject RE: Java Adventure Builder Reference 1.0.1 webapp deployed
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2005 13:00:38 GMT
I have begun work to make the Adventure Buolder sample app run.

The first step I'm trying to accomplish is to get as far as the
community has gotten - i.e. to reach the situation described by
Saraswathi in message

I have checked out the Geronimo sources and built the server. Using the
code in sandbox/adventurebuilder merged with the AB 1.0.1 application
from Sun as described on the Wiki page
<>, the maven goals
distributed the application.
I was a little surprised to learn that the adventurebuilder fetches it's
own copy of the server (places it in
sandbox/adventurebuilder/target/geronimo-1.0-SNAPSHOT); this server
seems a little defunct, for example I'm not able to make the
deployer.jar talk to it over JMX to list modules etc.

* Question 1: Is there a safe way to make the deployment maven scripts
use an already installed server?

I'm able to start the application and construct an adventure, but
checkout fails with the same url error as described in message

Saraswathi mentions (in [1]) that the URL issue has been resolved.
When I try to deploy the applications not deployed by the maven script, 
I get an error involving CMP.
It seems reasonable that Geronimo needs some extra information to bind 
the CMP beans in the application to the database schema.

* Question 2: Does any deployment plans exist for the remaining 
applications (activitysupplier, airlinesupplier, bank and opc).
If so, where do I find them?

* Question 3: How was the URL issue resolved (if not by deploying the 
remaining applications)

Jakob Færch

[1] <>

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