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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: Java Adventure Builder Reference 1.0.1 webapp deployed
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 13:33:32 GMT
Jakob Roesgaard Færch wrote:
> I have begun work to make the Adventure Buolder sample app run.

Hi Jakob,

Excellent! The team of people who are looking into deploying AB consists 
of 3 members - you, Saraswathi and me. Is there anybody else? ;)

It would be much appreciated if AB could be successfully deployed before 
Geronimo 1.0 is out.

> The first step I'm trying to accomplish is to get as far as the
> community has gotten - i.e. to reach the situation described by
> Saraswathi in message
> <>

Well, to be honest, there was not much information on how to get thus 
far. We kept getting emails from Saraswathi that the work is ongoing and 
some success reported, but nothing more technical involved.

> I have checked out the Geronimo sources and built the server. Using the
> code in sandbox/adventurebuilder merged with the AB 1.0.1 application
> from Sun as described on the Wiki page
> <>,

I think we should consider working with AB 1.0.3 instead. Since it's the 
latest release of AB, I assume there're some bugs fixed, so we won't 
have to spend ages to sort them out. See I'll update the wiki and dds if 
necessary soon (probably later tonight).

> the maven goals
> distributed the application.
> I was a little surprised to learn that the adventurebuilder fetches it's
> own copy of the server (places it in
> sandbox/adventurebuilder/target/geronimo-1.0-SNAPSHOT); 

Why? I'm all ears to hear/read a better solution.

> this server
> seems a little defunct, for example I'm not able to make the
> deployer.jar talk to it over JMX to list modules etc.

Take a look at maven.xml file. That's where you'll find out what modules 
are deployed. It's worth to change it a little to add the missing 
functionality you described.

> * Question 1: Is there a safe way to make the deployment maven scripts
> use an already installed server?

Hmm, what do you mean by "an already installed server"? Is it the one 
built by assembly? If so, please note that adventure builder is supposed 
to be deployed without the full source code checked out (although 
there's a "feature" where it won't without the top-level etc directory).

> I'm able to start the application and construct an adventure, but
> checkout fails with the same url error as described in message
> <>

I haven't yet figured it out what's wrong. I guess it depends on other 
modules to be deployed. So, the first step would be to deploy other 
modules and give it a try again.

> Saraswathi mentions (in [1]) that the URL issue has been resolved.
> When I try to deploy the applications not deployed by the maven script, 
> I get an error involving CMP.
> It seems reasonable that Geronimo needs some extra information to bind 
> the CMP beans in the application to the database schema.

Positive. I hope Saraswathi will publish the plans soon.

> * Question 2: Does any deployment plans exist for the remaining 
> applications (activitysupplier, airlinesupplier, bank and opc).
> If so, where do I find them?

They're not in the repository. They need to be build from scratch.

> * Question 3: How was the URL issue resolved (if not by deploying the 
> remaining applications)

Hehe, I guess it *does* require the other modules to be deployed.

> Jakob Færch


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