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From John Sisson <>
Subject line endings in distributions (was Editable files other than .bat and .sh files and CRs LFs)
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 08:29:26 GMT
I think we have agreement in the previous mail thread that no matter 
what platform Geronimo is built on:

* they should contain the same files (no files excluded)
* the resulting zip distribution should have CRLF line endings for 
viewable/editable text files and therefore is targeted at windows users.
* the resulting tar.gz distribution should have LF line endings for 
non-Windows platforms.  All non-Windows users should use the tar.gz file 
as the tar file also contains permission settings for the files.

Before I jump in and make the fixcrlf changes in assembly/src/maven.xml 
I have some issues to discuss:

* I would like to confirm having different line endings in different 
distributions isn't going to cause us any problems when moving to Maven 
2.  I had a quick look at Maven 2's own assembly and it seems that an 
assembly can have a number of formats (e.g. zip, tar.gz), but it appears 
that Maven 2 assumes that each format will have the same line endings.  


Maybe Brett or other Maven 2 users have some comments.

* Currently we build one IzPack installer that is used on Windows and 
non-Windows platforms.  IzPack does not provide any fixcrlf type 
functionality when copying files from its packs to the install location. 

PROPOSAL: For the 1.0 release, use LF line endings for the IzPack 
distribution and document that on the download page.  We can look at 
enhancing IzPack for use in a later Geronimo release that handles 
converting line endings to CRLF if installing on Windows.



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