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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Statistics Management and Jetty/Tomcat
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 04:50:32 GMT

Jan Bartel wrote:
> Aaron,
> The package to look at with viewCVS at sourceforge is here:

> The JSR77 stuff is instrumented by inserting an o.m.j.s.jsr77.Jsr77Filter
> in front of each servlet defined for a webapp. This filter collects
> the JSR77 servlet statistics. The stats are exposed to JMX via the 
> o.m.j.s.jsr77.jmx.Jsr77ServletHolderMBean at the objectname expected
> by the spec. The mbean interrogates the filter instance to get the
> stats.
> To turn on JSR77 for Jetty, you:
> 1) add these lines to the jetty.xml config file:
>  <Set name="WebApplicationConfigurationClassNames">
>    <Array type="java.lang.String">
>      <Item>$Configuration</Item>
>      <Item>org.mortbay.jetty.servlet.JettyWebConfiguration</Item>
>      <Item>org.mortbay.jetty.servlet.jsr77.Configuration</Item>
>    </Array>
>  </Set>
> 2) run Jetty with jmx enabled:
> java -Dmain.class=org.mortbay.xml.XmlConfiguration 
> -DSTART=extra/etc/start-plus.config -jar start.jar 
> extra/etc/jettyplus-jmx.xml
> Note that the above documented instructions are given for the JettyPlus 
> server,
> but should work with the standard Jetty server so long as the jsr77.jar 
> built from the
> $JETTY_HOME/extra/jsr77 package is on Jetty's classpath.
> I gather that for the web console, you are looking not only at the JSR77
> servlet stats, but want to apply JSR77-type metrics to the 
> container-specific
> stats as well?

That's correct.  In fact, at the moment I'm just trying to get a more 
generic management implementation of the container stats in the style of 
the JSR77 stats ... but I'm not really looking for the JSR77 servlet 
stats right now.   You mentioned in another note that you were hoping to 
create a new jetty image soon.

I think our needs to complete what we are already receiving in part from 
Jetty would be met if you could provide these container statistics:
- getConnectionsOpenMin
- getConnectionsRequestsMin
- getConnectionsRequestsCurrent
- getConnectionsDurationMin
- getConnectionsDurationCount
- getConnectionsDurationTotal
- getRequestsActiveMin
- getRequestsDurationMin
- getRequestsDurationCount
- getRequestsDurationTotal

Hopefully, we will be able to get similar stats from Tomcat.

There is one other matter regarding how stats are enabled/disabled.  I 
don't see in the JSR77 spec where this type of processing is available. 
  It looks like stats are always presumed to be active.  However, since 
the jetty stats can be enabled and disabled at any time I've been 
thinking of extending the JSR77-like container stats to also include the 
notion of enabling and disabling the collect of statistics in the 
WebContainerStats interface.  Are there thoughts from those that are 
better versed in JSR77 about the ability to enable/disable the 
collection of stats?

> cheers
> Jan
> Aaron Mulder wrote:
>> Jan, is there some sample code for acessing the Jetty JSR-77 stats? If 
>> you have some of that plumbing in place already, and we can use
>> what's there, that would be great.
>> Next best might be looking at the code for your JSR-77 implementation
>> and seeing how you dig up the numbers so we can try to do it the same
>> way.  Is the code in CVSWeb or something where you can just give us a
>> URL to the JSR-77 implementation?
>> Thanks,
>>     Aaron
>> On 11/30/05, Joe Bohn 
>> <> wrote:
>>> I'm afraid we might be out of time for these changes in jetty.  I was
>>> hoping to get this JSR77-like server performance mgmt completed and
>>> implemented for Jetty yesterday or today.  That way we could have a shot
>>> at getting similar functionality implemented for tomcat just in time for
>>> v1.  How quickly do you think you could get these changes into jetty?
>>> Would they be in a jetty5.x version or would we have to move to jetty6?
>>> WRT the bigger picture .... it is still a big unknown if we can get
>>> similar information from tomcat.  Several folks have provided some hints
>>> here but I still can't find similar statistics available from within
>>> tomcat itself. So even if we could get this today for jetty, it might
>>> not be something we could implement for tomcat by v1.
>>> The bigger issue is this:
>>> 1. The web console has this statistics view for jetty but it is
>>> hard-coded in the portlet itself for jetty alone.
>>> 2. We'd like to provide equivalent capabilities for jetty and tomcat in
>>> the console.
>>> 3. This requires a common management interface for the console to use
>>> that can be implemented by both jetty and tomcat. Aaron began creating
>>> this JSR77-like style stats management. I've been completing it and
>>> working on the jetty implementation with the goal to not lose function
>>> from what was already available for jetty in the console.
>>> 4. We have to create the tomcat statistics management implementation
>>> that is conformant to the new structure.
>>> I'm currently at about 90% of #3 above with the issues mentioned in my
>>> original post on this thread.
>>> We could either:
>>> A. Leave well enough alone for v1 and deliver the existing function for
>>> jetty but not tomcat.
>>> B. Implement the new structure and partial Jetty implementation.  This
>>> would be slightly less information than we currently display to the user
>>>  but would get us on a better path.  We could include the tomcat
>>> version if time and capability of tomcat permit.
>>> C. Remove the web server statistics portlet entirely from the console
>>> for v1.
>>> Opinions?  Aaron, IIUC you wanted me to continue to pursue this for v1
>>> based upon your response to my earlier post.  Is that still your 
>>> opinion?

>>> Joe
>>> Jan Bartel wrote:
>>>> Joe,
>>>> When do you need these statistics by?
>>>> We could certainly add methods like:
>>>> getConnectionsDuration()
>>>> getConnectionsRequests()
>>>> getRequestsDuration()
>>>> which would return an ever-increasing counter, and then you
>>>> would be able to infer the averages by using the getStatsOnMs()
>>>> method. That would be more in line with JSR77 type stats for your
>>>> purposes I think.
>>>> For Jetty6 we will be following more of the JSR77 style stats
>>>> gathering. Your feedback on this would be useful so we can
>>>> ensure that Jetty6 slurps into Geronimo with minimum fuss.
>>>> cheers
>>>> Jan
>>>> Joe Bohn wrote:
>>>>> Jan,
>>>>> Thanks for the information and the offer of help.
>>>>> I'm not familiar with either Jetty's raw JMX stats or Jetty's JSR77
>>>>> implementation but I don't think I'm referring to either.
>>>>> What Aaron and I are trying to do is a JSR77-like implementation to
>>>>> deliver statistic information about the web container itself.
>>>>> The Web Console (in the Web Server portlet) is currently getting this
>>>>> type of information from org.mortbay.jetty.Server extension of
>>>>> org.mortbay.http.HttpServer.  The stats are things like total # of
>>>>> connections accepted, # of open connections,  max # of open
>>>>> connections, avg connection duration, max connection duration, avg #
>>>>> or active requests, max # of active requests, etc....
>>>>> The enabling of these statistics is at the very bottom of the XML that
>>>>> you attached as "statsOn" under other server options.
>>>>> Can we get this information from the raw JMX stats?
>>>>> Joe
>>>>> Jan Bartel wrote:
>>>>>> Joe,
>>>>>> Are you refering to Jetty's raw jmx statistics available from the
>>>>>> management console or to Jetty's JSR77 implementation?
>>>>>> Jetty supports JSR77 via a filter. Have a look at the Jetty
>>>>>> extra/jsr77 package in the Jetty source tree. It is part of the
>>>>>> JettyPlus server, but
>>>>>> should be able to be extracted to work with vanilla jetty. I've 
>>>>>> attached
>>>>>> the jettyplus config files that enables it for your info.
>>>>>> I can work with you on this to enable jsr77 for jetty if you'd like.
>>>>>> cheers
>>>>>> Jan
>>>>>> Joe Bohn wrote:
>>>>>>> I'm working a new JSR77 like management API for performance
>>>>>>> monitoring of Jetty (soon to be followed by Tomcat) started by
>>>>>>> Aaron.   However, I'm hitting some incompatibilities between
>>>>>>> currently available Jetty statistics from the server (and displayed
>>>>>>> in the console today) and JSR77 performance monitoring style

>>>>>>> reporting.
>>>>>>> Jetty can report averages for some attributes such as the number
>>>>>>> connection requests, the duration of connections and the duration
>>>>>>> requests.  When Jetty provides an average of some statistic the
>>>>>>> other value typically provided is the maximum (this is true for
>>>>>>> three).
>>>>>>> JSR77 performance monitoring does not track/store any averages.
>>>>>>> Rather, for TimeStatistics only, it is expected that the average
>>>>>>> be computed by dividing the total time by the total count.  There
>>>>>>> not a way to compute the average for range statistics (such as
>>>>>>> connection requests).   I would like to be able to infer the
>>>>>>> values from the average but I don't have enough information
>>>>>>> available from Jetty.
>>>>>>> Given this mismatch I can do one of the following:
>>>>>>> 1) Don't make available the reporting of averages from Jetty
for the
>>>>>>> three statistics.  Since there are no other values available,
>>>>>>> result will be that we will only display the maximum value for
>>>>>>> particular statistic(for Time values we'd be missing minimum,
>>>>>>> time, and count - for Range that's current and LowWaterMark).
>>>>>>> 2) Provide some extensions on the JSR77 Statistics in the console
>>>>>>> geronimo Jetty packages to store and retrieve the averages in
>>>>>>> addition to the other values.  Once again we would not have values
>>>>>>> for the other statistic fields ... just average and maximum.
>>>>>>> I'll need to work out the same or similar performance statistics
>>>>>>> Tomcat as soon as I have the Jetty capability resolved (which
I hope
>>>>>>> is still in the next day).  So, I'll need some help from you
>>>>>>> experts soon! :-)
>>>>>>> Joe
>>> -- 
>>> Joe Bohn
>>> "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot
>>> lose."   -- Jim Elliot

Joe Bohn

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot 
lose."   -- Jim Elliot

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