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From Jan Bartel <>
Subject Re: Jetty Logging: INFO output
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 22:14:33 GMT

I'm a little confused now. When you used -DDEBUG_VERBOSE on the runline
did that change the amount of information that was logged or not?

If it *did* suppress a lot of INFO messages, then that indicates that
jetty is running with it's own logging mechanism enabled. If it *didn't*,
then that indicates that it is running using commons logging and the usual
commons logging discovery mechanism.

In any case, the easiest thing to do would be for us to give you 
a new Jetty with the JSR154 servlet log message sent to a different
logger (your point #2).

Also, your suggestion to prefix the ServletContext log messages with
a standard prefix so it can be easily configured in, for eg, log4j is
a good one. We will also implement that. The prefix will most likely
be "org.mortbay.context".

We'll get the release done ASAP, but it would be helpful to know what 
is the timing for a geronimo 1.0 release?


Aaron Mulder wrote:
> Further investigation:
> org.mortbay.jetty.servlet.JSR154Filter.init:69 is:
>  _servletContext.log("JSR154
> unwrappedDispatchSupported="+_unwrappedDispatchSupported);
> and the log call there goes to:
> org.mortbay.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler$Context.log:1134
> and the log variable there turns out to be initialized like this:
> _contextLog = LogFactory.getLog(getHttpContext().getHttpContextName());
> So it seems like there are two ways to address this:
> 1) Change ServletHandler.doStart to put a prefix into the context log
> name (like "org.mortbay.jetty.contexts."+getHttpContextName() or
> something)
> 2) Change JSR154Filter to use a log category of it's own rather than
> the servlet context log call, and set the message to DEBUG instead of
> The only options from Geronimo seem a little hacky (suppressing any
> INFO output where the logger name starts with "/", for example).
> Thanks,
>     Aaron
> On 12/3/05, Aaron Mulder <>
>>OK.  I tried:
>>java -DDEBUG_VERBOSE=-1 -jar target/geronimo-1.0-SNAPSHOT/bin/server.jar -v
>>and I still get:
>>11:59:46,130 INFO  [/] JSR154 unwrappedDispatchSupported=true
>>12:00:03,054 INFO  [/console-standard] JSR154 unwrappedDispatchSupported=true
>>12:00:04,639 INFO  [/console] JSR154 unwrappedDispatchSupported=true
>>Any suggestions?  I'm going to try to track that back to the source.
>>    Aaron
>>On 12/3/05, Jan Bartel <> wrote:
>>>I'm not sure what logging setup you are using with jetty in geronimo.
>>>The normal way to surpress the INFO level messages at jetty startup is to
>>>set the system property DEBUG_VERBOSE to a negative number on the runline.
>>>Aaron Mulder wrote:
>>>>I've taken a first stab at reducing our INFO output.  One of the
>>>>standouts is Jetty, which log various stuff as INFO during startup,
>>>>where the logger name is the web context name (/ or /console or
>>>>/console-standard, etc.).  Is there any chance of getting a Jetty
>>>>build in the next few days that emits no INFO output during startup?
>>>>The problem is, since the log categories are literally only "/" or
>>>>"/console" or whatever (not AFAICT org.mortbay.jetty./console or
>>>>something), we can't easily override those categories to log at only
>>>>WARN or higher.  I mean, we could do it for the console and the stuff
>>>>we ship, but as soon as the user deployed a new web app, there would
>>>>be more INFO output again (under their custom context name).  I'm
>>>>hoping to eliminate INFO output entirely except for stuff like
>>>>"Geronimo server started".  So it would be great to find a way to
>>>>suppress the "context started" INFO messages from Jetty.
>>>>    Aaron

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