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From John Sisson <>
Subject Re: Editable files other than .bat and .sh files and CRs LFs
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 03:21:04 GMT
Kevan Miller wrote:

> I'm probably generating more discussion than this topic merits, but 
> simply generating files with CR/LF's and calling it a "Windows 
> distribution" doesn't seem like enough. Unless Windows users were 
> complaining, I'd just build LF-only distributions from all build 
> platforms.
> Now, if we built a Windows distribution which contained only .bat 
> files (no .sh files) and appropriate CR/LF's (and vice versa), then it 
> seems like we're making an honest effort towards OS-specific 
> distributions... I'm sure that would be much more involved than your 
> current proposal.

Discussion is good!

This isn't that hard to do, as it is just a matter of excluding *.sh or 
*.bat in some fileset statements but I just realised the biggest problem 
is the IzPack installer. 

IzPack has support for selecting files in an installation pack based 
upon the operating system, but since you have the one set of files it is 
installing from (pack JARs inside the installation JAR) you need to 
perform fixcrlf processing at install time, the only ways I can think of 
to get around this are:

* use ant during the install (IzPack provides ant integration), but it 
means ant needs to be bundled with it, so adds to the size of the installer
* if on Windows, run a program in the izpack-process.xml file that 
converts line endings.
* a windows build of the IzPack installer - kind of defeats the purpose 
of having a java installer

AFAIK, Izpack doesn't provide a simple solution to this.

Unless someone has a solution to the above IzPack issue, I will change 
my mind and say we should build only LF distributions.


> I'm +1 for creating consistent distributions regardless of the build 
> platform. I'm +0 for making zip files use CR/LF and not doing more to 
> create OS-specific distributions...
> --kevan

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