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From John Sisson <>
Subject Should we change the default startup progress format for 1.0?
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 23:54:32 GMT
A few people have suggested we change the default startup format to one 
that doesn't use line feeds to update the progress of a configuration 
that is being loaded.

I like the existing startup format as it looks fancy and doesn't produce 
as many lines of output than the longer format (see example below), but 
it isn't very usable when error messages are issued as the display of 
the error can end up being garbled due to the thread that updates the 
configuration status line (using line feeds) every 500ms.  This could 
become a support issue.

Now is the time to decide, as it will be harder to change our minds 
later after 1.0.

I am proposing that the existing default progress output be used when 
the -s or --short option is specified.  This will impact existing 

Here is an example of the output in the proposed long format:

Booting Geronimo Kernel (in Java 1.4.2_08)...
Started configuration  1/15   0s org/apache/geronimo/RMINaming
Started configuration  2/15   2s org/apache/geronimo/RuntimeDeployer
Started configuration  3/15   0s org/apache/geronimo/Jetty
Started configuration  4/15   2s org/apache/geronimo/Tomcat
Started configuration  5/15   0s org/apache/geronimo/Server
Started configuration  6/15   0s org/apache/geronimo/Security
Started configuration  7/15  10s org/apache/geronimo/ActiveMQServer
Started configuration  8/15   0s org/apache/geronimo/SystemJMS
Started configuration  9/15   0s org/apache/geronimo/SystemDatabase
Started configuration 10/15   2s org/apache/geronimo/Directory
Started configuration 11/15   0s org/apache/geronimo/JettyRuntimeDeployer
Started configuration 12/15   0s org/apache/geronimo/TomcatRuntimeDeployer
Started configuration 13/15   1s 
Started configuration 14/15   1s org/apache/geronimo/Console/Jetty
Started configuration 15/15   0s org/apache/geronimo/HotDeployer
Startup completed in 21 seconds
  Listening on Ports:
    1099 RMI Naming
    1527 Derby Connector
    4201 ActiveIO Connector EJB
    4242 Remote Login Listener
    8019 Tomcat Connector AJP
    8080 Jetty Connector HTTP
    8090 Tomcat Connector HTTP
    8443 Jetty Connector HTTPS
    8453 Tomcat Connector HTTPS
   61616 ActiveMQ Message Broker Connector

  Started Application Modules:
    EAR: org/apache/geronimo/Console/Jetty
    WAR: org/apache/geronimo/applications/Welcome/Jetty

  Web Applications:

Geronimo Application Server started


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