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From John Sisson <>
Subject [LONG] Daemon command line option conventions - need to agree before 1.0
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 23:26:01 GMT
Whilst trying to come up with a name for the new command line option for 
the Daemon for the new startup progress output (that doesn't use line 
feeds to update the status of configurations being loaded and outputs 
the startup time for each configuration) I chatted with David Blevins 
and David Jencks on IRC.

They brought to my attention that the Daemon doesn't follow the 
convention where each option has a short form (prefixed with a single 
dash '-') and a long form prefixed with two dashes "--".  For example, 
run maven -h or maven --help .

Currently the Daemon supports these options:


In the list above, the -quiet, -override and -help don't fit the 
convention I described.

We discussed using commons CLI to process the arguments but there were 
concerns with the size of the library and also it is getting too close 
to 1.0 to make large changes. 

I proposed that we at least make our options follow the convention 
discussed above (this would allow us to move to commons CLI or a 
derivation of it in the future if needed).


-q    --quiet                  ** change impacts existing users **
-v    --verbose
-vv  --veryverbose
-o   --override              ** change impacts existing users **
-h   --help
-l    --long                     **  new option to change startup 
progress format  **

We could still have hidden support for -help and /? but I'm not sure if 
they would work with commons CLI if we were to move to it in the future.

In regards to the vv option being more than one character, looking at 
the commons CLI documentation ( 
), it says the short option is a single character, but it takes a string 
argument, so I think it is more of a recommendation.  If you use more 
than one character for the short option you lose the ability to use the 
Option.getID() method that can be useful in switch statements.

The deploy tool uses the long (--) form of options (doesn't support a 
short form) but it follows the convention.

I will send another mail regarding the startup progress and whether we 
should change the default format.


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