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From anita kulshreshtha <>
Subject View Tomcat statistics
Date Mon, 26 Dec 2005 14:47:17 GMT
Aaron, Joe, and others,
    Please take some time to view the internal
statistics provided by tomcat (see Geronimo-1293).
There is lot of good stuff.  
    We need to come up with a common set of stats for
Jetty/Tomcat to display on the console. The maximum
incompatibilities are with the container (WebServer)
stats. Tomcat statistics are per connector (http,
https, ajp). We can always aggregate them. But I think
they  are more useful individually. Does Jetty have a
way of providing them separately? I am referring to
requestDurationMax, requestDurationTotal,
requestDurationCount and errorCount. The following are
not available for tomcat.  
- getConnectionsOpenMin             x     
- getConnectionsRequestsMin         x
- getConnectionsRequestsCurrent     x
- getConnectionsDurationMin         x
- getConnectionsDurationCount       x
- getConnectionsDurationTotal       x
     In addition to this we should set up a page to
dispaly stats for a web application. Is it something
that you would be interested in?
     We could also think of providing threadpool,
cache stats for 
G in the future...


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