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From Erik Daughtrey <>
Subject Re: Apache mini Geronimo (mini-G)
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 14:43:27 GMT


Once the installer is available(soon as the code for phase 1 is complete) this 
will be fairly simple to do.  Currently, the installer actually places all 
the components of Geronimo in the config repository and customizes config.xml 
to only load the services requested in the install.

The install selections will be easy to repeat since the installer allows for 
saving the selections in an XML file which can be fed to the installer to 
repeat the same installation on another machine(a nice feature of IzPack).

The plan for the future of the installer is to also have it only install the 
selected components into the repository.  I was just about to start a little 
discussion on the subject when I saw this note.  Anyway, I think this should 
be optional since it's currently good for experimentation that the installer 
configures only a subset of the functionality, but actually installs all.  
This way, folks who want to experiment with features by turning them on and 
off in config.xml are free to do so.



p.s. To build a Mini-G at build time, look at the assemblies/j2ee-jetty(or 
tomcat)-server/project.xml.  It should be possible to create a custom 
assemblies/j2ee-myconfig/project.xml which only includes the desired 
components.  Note that the associated config.xml should be modified.
I don't necessarily recommend this approach, but that's what's going on....

 On Monday 19 December 2005 09:01, Faisal Akeel wrote:
> If you look at the top reason that FireFox more preferred over Mozilla
> suite, this is because its small size and limited focus feature.
> So, Is there way to customize Geronimo to a simple web container (jetty)
> and small foot print database (derby) only, instead of big J2EE application
> and if it possible can anyone provide guide or a demo example on the wiki
> web site.
> Some people like mini cooper over big SUV car.




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