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From "Rainer Jung" <>
Subject Re: [Vote] Geronimo V1.0 Release binaries
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2005 09:23:37 GMT
Hi there,

correction to my previous mail:

1) The strange split of all files between the two src archives was a
failure on my side. Actually there are exactly the same files in both zip
and tarball.

2) The problem with chopped off last characters in file names to some
extent still exists, but it looks like a tar compatibility problem:

a) Extracting with Solaris tar (even under Solaris 10) shows the problem
b) Extracting with gtar 1.13 shows the problem.
c) Extracting with gtar 1.14 does NOT show the problem

I'm not sure, if the problem is a bug in the extracting tar, or in the
archive building tar. The observation is not the usual imcompatibility
betwenn standard tar and gtar relatet to path lengths. In the geronimo
case the last character ist being chopped off.

So I guess this situation now is mostly uncritical, although it would be
nice to check, if it's a build side gnu tar problem.

Sorry for the hassle


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