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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Confluence Setup
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2005 23:49:51 GMT
>> FYI, I imported the GERONIMO space from:
> Are we allowed to run this in the zone?  It would be nice to get  
> confirmation of this (how I don't know) as I don't think users will  
> be happy if they contribute to it and then have the rug pulled from  
> under their feet.

Officially... I do not know.  So far no one has asked me to take it  

>> Any suggestions or recommendations?
> We need to have a strategy on how we are going manage reviewing,  
> removing out of date content, and moving valid content from the  
> existing Wiki.  A lot of the existing content is out of date or  
> irrelevant.  We need to be careful that we don't end up having two  
> half baked Wikis for Geronimo.

Agreed.  I was surprised to see that my test of a wiki voting system  
was still up there... and on the frontpage even.

One thing that I really like about Confluence in comparison to other  
wiki systems is its ability to easily move pages around and delete  
pages to the trash.  This really helps improve the ability to  
refactor the wiki content and structure as needs change.

>  Maybe ApacheCon would be a good opportunity to get everyone  
> together and review the content in the existing Wiki.  IMHO, if we  
> don't have accurate documentation for the 1.0 release then we  
> should reconsidering the release (we kind of had an excuse for  
> milestone releases, 1.0 should be a step up in quality from  
> milestones.. users will have expectations of quality).

Ya, defs talk it up, but as someone already mentioned not everyone  
will be at ApacheCon, so bring it back to the list plz :-)

> The site shows we are using an Evaluation License.  We should have  
> a full license if we are relying upon it.

I've requested an open source license from Atlassian, still pending  
an answer from them.

> Is there a way we can set the footer on every page to say that any  
> content contributed to the Wiki is under the ASL 2.0 license, with  
> a link to the license, or have a notice on the edit page?   
> Documentation contributions should not be any different to code  
> contributions.

Yes, its trivial to alter the footer.

>> I was also thinking of adding a simple glossary and knowledge- 
>> base  space and/or faq space, that would auto-generate listings  
>> for pages  added and provide simple navigation (similar to http://  
> I am not that familiar with Confluence, but it appears that the URL  
> above hosts discussions.  Do we really want to encourage users to  
> have discussions in places other than the mailing lists?

I'm not sure exactly what you are referring too.  Confluence is not a  
forum, but it does have support for user comment threads, where  
registered/anonymous users can add their .02 to a page.  I think this  
is very useful, especially for documentation.  We don't want to open  
up the pristine docs to let any user change them, but we want them to  
have some input too.  This is sorta like how the docs work at  There is a page that describes a feature, and then users  
can comment on the page.  I have found that more often than not, then  
comments are more useful than the documentation.

I would however limit this to just comments.... and not discussion,  
as it sometimes ends up to be on Atlassian's main Confluence site.

Anyways, with a little bit of oversight and active enforcement it is  
really easy to keep things in check.

> If we could import all of Geronimo's mail archives into its  
> searchable mail interface... that sounds powerful as they say it is  
> fully indexed and searchable with your other content.
> IMHO we don't want users having to search in two different places  
> to find information.

Yes, Confluence can archive email, which does make Confluence a nice  
single place to search for information.  Though, the list archiving  
is still a bit crude IMO.


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