Hi Simon,
Well, that would be qualify as a <problem>... Possible that the subsequent JSSE load is failing. But would be a new one (at least for me...). After the PureTLS exception, you should see something like:

07:34:34,151 DEBUG [JSSESocketFactory] Truststore = D:\gsrc\trunk\geronimo\modules\assembly\target\geronimo-1.0-SNAPSHOT\var\security\keystore
07:34:34,151 DEBUG [JSSESocketFactory] TrustPass = secret
07:34:34,151 DEBUG [JSSESocketFactory] trustType = JKS

If you let us know some details of your setup, Geronimo version (M5 I assume?), OS, JDK and description of your failure...


On 11/1/05, simon@godik.com <simon@godik.com> wrote:
Hi Kevan,
Thanks for the reply; It just so happens that geronimo server is breaking the same moment this message is logged;
I'll look into that further...