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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: [consolidation] next steps?
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 09:29:33 GMT
David Blevins wrote:
> I think it would be a really nice gesture to send an invite to Jetty 
> even if they are unlikely to move.  I think it's really great to let 
> them know the doors are always open.

Thanks for the inclusion David,

Note that in any invite, I think we should go so some lengths to 
explain the motivation.  For most projects it will be a BIG step to donate 
their IP and to adopt a new management structure and they must be
clear why they are doing it.

We certainly don't want to create the impression that geronimo in
future will only work with subprojects and that you must assimilate to
belong.    So careful wording is required to get the true spirit of
the invitation across - which I think is that iff they WANT to be a part
of the bigger community then they are more than welcome.

For Jetty, I would appreciate an invite, but we're unlikely 
to accept at this point.   My instincts are naturally against aggregations 
and I have technical issues with aggregations like jakarta, jakarta-commons, 
jboss and even tomcat (I'd really like to see jasper as a stand alone project).   

I believe that a good software component should be simple to integrate
no matter what the management structure of the project is (and we will
all be m2 integrated soon).  Sharing a management structure does open the 
possibility of poor coupling between components or even just poorly documented 
interfaces etc.

So technically I don't like aggregation of projects and it can act
as a hindrance to reuse and inovative new uses.

But if similar groups of people are performing similar processes on
similar software.... then obviously there are great advantages in 
sharing the administration overheads.  So I think aggregations that
are community driven are a good thing.      

So the pitch definitely should be targetted at the community rather
than at project.


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