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From Prasad Kashyap <>
Subject Problems building openejb/itests module
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2005 20:51:38 GMT
I think most people run G builds by skipping tests and itests. Is there
anybody out there that runs itests ?

I am finding that the itests happens to be quite a flaky module, especially
in it's I amost always get the following exception
when I do a top level build:

     [exec] BUILD FAILED
     [exec] File...... C:\Documents and
     [exec] Element... maven:reactor
     [exec] Line...... 217
     [exec] Column.... 9
     [exec] Unable to obtain goal [ejb:install] --
C:\apache\geronimo\openejb\modules\itests\maven.xml:438:43: <ddlExporter>
     [exec] Root cause
     [exec] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
     [exec]  at org.apache.xmlbeans.impl.values.XmlObjectBase.validate(
     [exec]  at org.apache.geronimo.schema.SchemaConversionUtils.validateDD(
     [exec]  at
     [exec]  at org.openejb.deployment.ant.DDLExporterTask.execute(
*Is this being caused by the fact that itests does not have a dependency on
the xmlbeans module ? (Validator class is a part of the xbean-2.0.0.jar)*

*But then when I re-run the top level build or run maven from the
openejb/modules/itests directory, it completes successfully.*

Platform: Windows XP.

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