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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject ClassLoader memory leaks
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2005 18:56:52 GMT
I've been battling a variety of ClassLoader-based memory leaks that occur
during the deploy/undeploy of DayTrader. With the patches for the following
problems, I no longer see MultiParentClassLoaders being leaked: (patch just posted) (fix committed) (Old patch didn't fix the
problem. I've attached a new patch that fixes the problem. Yet to be
committed) (Fix committed, but not
picked up by Geronimo build)

Deployment of DayTrader is still leaking memory (but only 200 kbytes per
deploy/undeploy cycle. "only" is a relative term... ;-). So, there's still
work to be done.

Finally, there is an intermittent problem which will cause a Thread to
temporarily hold on to a ClassLoader. Since the problem is intermittent and
temporary, I'm not actively pursuing. I'll document the problem in a jira,
but here's the chain of references keeping the ClassLoader alive... The
Thread is in the RMI Runtime ThreadGroup.

java.lang.Thread.inheritedAccessControlContext --> -->[4] --> -->


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