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From David Blevins <>
Subject gbuild: dream to reality
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2005 10:44:16 GMT
On Oct 26, 2005, at 2:01 AM, David Blevins wrote:
> When I close my eyes and think big, I see a large federation  
> consisting of smaller groups of machines from individuals and  
> companies sharing some common building/testing infrastructure, open  
> to and co-maintained by members of the community projects, building  
> all our code all the time and testing it on every variety of OS, VM  
> and Database imaginable....

I'm happy to say...I so nailed this.  We've got it, it works, it  
rocks.  It's running right now!

For those who haven't been following the gbuild commit logs over the  
last two weeks, I've taken Continuum, ActiveMQ, and a whole lot of  
long nights and days and created a system that can push continuum  
builds onto a jms queue (activemq) where they are picked up by GBuild  
Agents (slimmed and extended version of continuum) running in the  
gbuild network. The results are then pushed onto a topic where they  
are aggregated by another agent in the gbuild network.  Putting more  
work on the queue is as easy as dropping a properties file in a  

At the moment, have the following machines chugging away on a mix of  
tck and other work:


Going to get the Chariot Solutions boxes,, and running tomorrow.

A really cool aspect of this is that we can throw more machines at it  
in the middle of a run.  It's just jms queue/consumer underneath so  
new consumers can be added at anytime!  The whole thing is also  
really extendible and not specific to tck testing, so we could work  
in performance testing and whip up results agents to analyze the  
performance data.  Sky is the limit!

Off to get some sleep finally... Will send more technical information  
tomorrow.  Just wanted to give everyone the good news.

Thanks again to everyone (Simula, Mergere, Chariot, Dain) for  
donating hosting, boxes, and manpower to get GBuild going.  Can't  
wait to get the AMD boxes in the mix too.  I'm really excited about  
all this and can't imagine it going any better.


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