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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: Wiki reorganization proposal
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 20:42:31 GMT
On Nov 1, 2005, at 8:27 PM, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

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> John Sisson wrote:
>> My main concern with the use of the Wiki for documentation is that  
>> the
>> Wiki content isn't versioned to match Geronimo releases.

>> An alternative is to develop the main documentation under svn control
>> (the Derby project does this), but that would mean updates would  
>> have to
>> be submitted as patches.  Derby's doco can be easily generated as  
>> a PDF
>> with bookmarks etc, which is great for offline or printing.
> Perhaps some mix would be good, such as a weekly checkin to
> svn of any changes to the wiki.  Of course, then there's
> the issue of format compatibility.  Do the wikis in use
> provide for XML exports?  If so, a little glue should be
> able to automatically manage the conversion and checkin.
> The major problems I see with that is that the who-changed-what
> accountability is lost (unless a change to the wiki can
> be included in the export as an XML entity that can be used
> to identify the changer in svn), and that changes made
> between checkpoints don't get recorded.

I've cranked my brain on this one for awhile as OpenEJB now uses  
confluence for documentation rather than generating html from xml  
stored in cvs as we did before.

XML importing and exporting is possible in confluence, as well as  
html and pdf exports (no import for those, though).  As a couple  
releases ago, they also have the ability to have "listeners" or  
something that you can set up to be executed when pages are changed,  
added, removed, etc.  So, the most aggressive approach I can think of  
is that we could setup a listener that exports the entire page and  
checks it into svn.  Some less aggressive version of that is possible  

As far as versioning, the best i can think of would be to have a  
Confluence Space per svn branch.  So a GERONIMO-X space for each  
release branch under geronimo/branches/.  Using Tomcat as an example  
as we don't have branches yet, that'd be something like TOMCAT-4,  
TOMCAT-50 and TOMCAT-55.  You could even start a new space by  
exporting from the previous major version's space, creating a new  
space, then importing to the new space. If you export aggressively,  
you can start a new Space from what's in svn.

Anyway, I haven't solved the problem completely but thats a high  
level dump of what's in my brain in regards to import/export, source  
control, and versioning.


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