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From David Blevins <>
Subject gbuild: devtools in continuum (was Re: [continuum] BUILD SUCCESSFUL: Geronimo)
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2005 21:54:01 GMT
On Nov 1, 2005, at 1:33 PM, Sachin Patel wrote:

> Only tricky part is that I depend on Eclipse, and a handful of  
> other Eclipse projects to build.  And I'm usually picking up weekly  
> builds from them to build against.  So is there something that  
> could be set up to be able to upload these external dependencies? I  
> really wish my eclipse dependencies could be downloadable with  
> Maven :)

Dunno.  I don't know where they would be uploaded to.  Do you think  
it may be just as easy to download them and install them into the  

I use some goop (a.k.a. jelly) like this in openejb 1 to download  
tomcat into the maven.repo.local.  Something somewhat similar may  
work for you.

     <goal name="setup:tomcat50">
       <j:set var="tomcat.version" value="5.0.28"/>
       <j:set var="" value=" 
       <attainGoal name="setup:tomcat"/>
     <goal name="setup:tomcat55">
       <j:set var="tomcat.version" value="5.5.9"/>
       <j:set var="" value=" 
       <attainGoal name="setup:tomcat"/>

     <goal name="setup:tomcat4">
       <j:set var="tomcat.version" value="4.1.31"/>
       <j:set var="" value=" 
       <attainGoal name="setup:tomcat"/>

     <goal name="setup:tomcat">
       <j:set var="targetDir" value="${basedir}/target/"/>

       <j:set var="tomcat.dist" value="${maven.repo.local}/tomcat/ 
       <j:set var="tomcat.home" value="${targetDir}/jakarta-tomcat-$ 
       <j:set var="openejb.home" value="${targetDir}/openejb-$ 
{pom.currentVersion}" />

       <!-- Download tomcat if it isn't in the repo -->
       <u:file var="fileAsFile" name="${tomcat.dist}"/>
       <j:if test="${!(fileAsFile.exists())}">
         <mkdir dir="${maven.repo.local}/tomcat/distributions"/>
         <get src="${}" dest="${tomcat.dist}"/>

       <!-- Unzip if not unzipped -->
       <u:file var="fileAsFile" name="${tomcat.home}"/>
       <j:if test="${!(fileAsFile.exists())}">
         <unjar src="${tomcat.dist}" dest="${targetDir}"/>
         <chmod dir="${tomcat.home}/bin" perm="u+x" includes="**/*.sh"/>

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