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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: Common Visual Design for Geronimo's User Interfaces
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 04:27:11 GMT
On 11/1/05, David Klavon <> wrote:
> Now that there is an official logo image for Geronimo, we thought that
> it would be useful to extend the color scheme, font style, icon use,
> etc. across the various user interfaces in the project, and create a
> common 'visual appearance' for the Geronimo project for v1.0.  The Epiq
> Team, the recent winners of the logo contest, have drafted some ideas of
> what an integrated suite would look like to get the discussion going in
> the community.  While there are many details to be worked out on each of
> the respective interfaces, we would like to get the community feedback
> on the general approach and style.  If found favorable, we could begin
> to create the icon libraries and other style sheets for implementation.
> I think the Epiq Team has really showcased their award winning skills in
> giving Geronimo a professional look and integrated-suite feel that would
> add great value to the v1.0 delivery.  Let us know what everyone thinks...

Wow, the this work is outstanding! I'd like to see the Epiq Team help
the Geronimo team with the web design of these and other web apps,
maybe even including the Geronimo website.  IMO, adding this level of
polish to the Geronimo Console is awesome. Nice work!

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