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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Building the geronimo servers using the packaging and assembly plugins
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 21:55:22 GMT

On Nov 29, 2005, at 1:39 PM, Dave Colasurdo wrote:

> What is the status of the new packaging and assembly plugins?  I see 
> they are checked in ..but also notice that the generated images are 
> still missing some pieces (e.g. most of the /bin directory)..

Right.  I have a lot of the tck working with this new build, and I'm 
working on finishing up the configid change and hope to check it in 
later today (I was aiming for yesterday).  I want to make sure the 
required functionality is working before spending a lot of time on 
things like scripts and integrating the build better.
> Will we be using the new scheme (which includes each applications 
> having it's own container specific project under configs) as the 
> default for creating the v1 binaries?

Unless something goes disasterously wrong, yes.
> Will this replace the current default behavior for a top down build?

> Wondering whether modules/assembly/ still needs to be updated to 
> pickup the examples or whether /configs and /assemblies will replace 
> these?

IMO modules/assembly will be going away soon.  I would try to wait for 
the configid change before making a lot more configs/ projects to 
deploy the samples.

david jencks

> Thanks
> -Dave-
> David Jencks wrote:
>> I've been working on building the geronimo server with the packaging 
>> and assembly plugins.  There are a few loose ends but I believe the 
>> resulting servers work.  The build process is not yet completely 
>> automated, so here is an outline of what to do.
>> Please try it out and report problems.
>> 1. build geronimo + openejb using maven -o, maven -o m:rebuild, or 
>> some such.  You can stop the build when you get to the assembly 
>> module, and certainly when you get to itests.
>> 2. build the plugins explicitly:
>> cd plugins
>> maven -o multiproject:install
>> cd ..
>> 3. build the configs:
>> cd configs
>> maven -o multiproject:install
>> cd ..
>> This step uses the packaging plugin to build all the configurations 
>> we need for both jetty and tomcat servers, and installs them in your 
>> local maven repo as .car files.
>> 4. build the servers:
>> cd assemblies
>> cd j2ee-jetty-server
>> maven -o clean default
>> cd ../j2ee-tomcat-server
>> maven -o clean default
>> ------------------------------------
>> Warning:
>> The configIds of these configurations are incompatible with the 
>> configIds used by the previous assembly.  If you deploy anything on 
>> these servers and you specify a parentId or an import you will have 
>> to modify them.
>> I have not tried to deploy any applications to either of these 
>> servers, but the welcome and console apps seem to work fine.
>> Known limitations:
>> The database for the juddi server is not yet constructed
>> The j2ee schema files are not yet included in the server
>> I've had some problems with the console on tomcat, but I think the 
>> version in svn currently works.  I'm trying to finish up some changes 
>> on my machine and check in the "next version" of tomcat directory 
>> setup.
>> Thanks!
>> david jencks

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