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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Create a security committee?
Date Sat, 19 Nov 2005 04:19:20 GMT

I'd really like to have a group of interested and available people to
review security-related changes to Geronimo.  And by this I mean,
features dealing with SSL, security realms, storing files with
passwords, showing passwords in the console, establishing procedures
for "locking down the server", reviewing vulnerability reports, etc. 
I don't really mean nitty gritty details of JACC or conducting a
comprehensive security audit of the entire codebase.

What would people think of that, and are there any volunteers?

I should also note that I expect some vulnerabilities to be reported
to the PMC rather than to the public list, but I think a lot can be
done outside the PMC as well (or maybe I should exclude reviewing
vulnerability reports from what I'm talking about, I don't know if
there's a policy there).


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