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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ and other runtime memory leaks identified by DayTrader
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 19:40:37 GMT
I also noticed that if you turn down the system database pool size
from 100 to 65, ActiveMQ starts to complain about not being able to
get a connection (and that's with no JMS activity!).  It may be worth
a little investigation, though David J though it might be a problem in
the pooling code not ActiveMQ.  I think I created a JIRA for this.


On 11/15/05, Kevan Miller <> wrote:
> I posted to the ActiveMQ dev list last week (I see that Dain did, also)
> regarding
> I
> haven't had a response, yet.
>  I did a little more digging through a HEAPDUMP that was generated at the
> time of the OutOfMemoryException. It shows that there were over 150,000
> ActiveMQSession objects. By my calculations they were responsible for over
> 300 megs of a 512 meg heap.
> Since there was quite a bit of memory left-over, I looked for more likely
> culprits. I see a large number of objects being held by the DB2 driver. I'm
> working on resolving these...
> Quite possible that there are other problems. However, the signal-to-noise
> ration is pretty low. I'm going to wait for progress on the above issues
> before exploring further...
>  --kevan

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