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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: Server Shutdown & Reboot issues
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2005 23:16:41 GMT
If the feature is half baked or broken, let's just remove it.  If  
someone really wants this, they can add a feature request jira entry  
and hopefully a patch :)


On Nov 22, 2005, at 4:59 PM, Joe Bohn wrote:

> Does anybody care?
> If not I'll just create a JIRA to remove the reboot capability and  
> add the patch.
> Joe Bohn wrote:
>> The console currently has a task to shutdown or reboot the server.
>> Shutdown isn't a problem ... it just invokes kernel.shutdown()  
>> followed by a system exit.  (Although the visual results to the  
>> user are slightly different depending upon the configuration most  
>> likely because of differences of synchronous/asynchronous  
>> variations during shutdown).
>> However, for reboot it attempts to spawn a new thread and from  
>> that thread invoke kernel.shutdown() followed by an invocation of  
>> Daemon.main with no parameters.  And this doesn't work very well  
>> at all.
>> Should we invest the time now to resolve these problems?  I think  
>> the resolution of these problems could get a bit sticky and would  
>> continue to be fragile if we don't integrate capabilities directly  
>> into the kernel for restart.  It also makes me wonder if we should  
>> also provide a restart from the command line if we support it in  
>> the console.
>> The failures from the reboot vary according to the configuration.   
>> I've only tried this with the default configuration, jetty only,  
>> and tomcat only ... but this is the results:
>> Jetty only
>>  - Gets an error while starting G-Bean  
>> "geronimo:type=NetworkService,name=EJB" and indicates it is in the  
>> failed state.  This was Caused by: Address  
>> already in use: JVM_Bind.  In the error log it looks like the port  
>> was 4201.  However, the things (at least for the console) appear  
>> to work normally after the restart.
>> Tomcat only
>>  - Doesn't get any errors, but results in the JVM terminating  
>> without an attempt at restart.  I haven't tracked down yet who is  
>> doing the system exit but there isn't much in the log to indicate  
>> a failure.
>> Both Jetty & Tomcat (Jetty on 8080, Tomcat on 8090)
>> - Gets a whole bunch of error on restart - starting with the same  
>> error as Jetty only above plus numerous errors from Tomcat in  
>> BaseModelMBean, Registry, Connector, JkMain.  However, once again  
>> the console appears to function appropriately (of course it is  
>> running on Jetty).
>> Joe
> -- 
> Joe Bohn
> "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he  
> cannot lose."   -- Jim Elliot

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