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From Jan Bartel <>
Subject Re: Statistics Management and Jetty/Tomcat
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 22:44:10 GMT

Are you refering to Jetty's raw jmx statistics available from the
management console or to Jetty's JSR77 implementation?

Jetty supports JSR77 via a filter. Have a look at the Jetty extra/jsr77 
package in the Jetty source tree. It is part of the JettyPlus server, but
should be able to be extracted to work with vanilla jetty. I've attached
the jettyplus config files that enables it for your info.

I can work with you on this to enable jsr77 for jetty if you'd like.


Joe Bohn wrote:
> I'm working a new JSR77 like management API for performance monitoring 
> of Jetty (soon to be followed by Tomcat) started by Aaron.   However, 
> I'm hitting some incompatibilities between the currently available Jetty 
> statistics from the server (and displayed in the console today) and 
> JSR77 performance monitoring style reporting.
> Jetty can report averages for some attributes such as the number of 
> connection requests, the duration of connections and the duration of 
> requests.  When Jetty provides an average of some statistic the only 
> other value typically provided is the maximum (this is true for all three).
> JSR77 performance monitoring does not track/store any averages.  Rather, 
> for TimeStatistics only, it is expected that the average can be computed 
> by dividing the total time by the total count.  There is not a way to 
> compute the average for range statistics (such as the connection 
> requests).   I would like to be able to infer the missing values from 
> the average but I don't have enough information available from Jetty.
> Given this mismatch I can do one of the following:
> 1) Don't make available the reporting of averages from Jetty for the 
> three statistics.  Since there are no other values available, the result 
> will be that we will only display the maximum value for the particular 
> statistic(for Time values we'd be missing minimum, total time, and count 
> - for Range that's current and LowWaterMark).
> 2) Provide some extensions on the JSR77 Statistics in the console or 
> geronimo Jetty packages to store and retrieve the averages in addition 
> to the other values.  Once again we would not have values for the other 
> statistic fields ... just average and maximum.
> I'll need to work out the same or similar performance statistics for 
> Tomcat as soon as I have the Jetty capability resolved (which I hope is 
> still in the next day).  So, I'll need some help from you Tomcat experts 
> soon! :-)
> Joe

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