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From Jules Gosnell <>
Subject Re: [wadi-dev] Re: Startup scripts - thoughts on PID file for Geronimo
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2005 12:10:18 GMT
I'm not really involved in the management/monitoring side of things at 
the moment, but I expect that it would be enough for just each Geronimo 
instance to know the PID of it's jvm. How you get that into it is 
another matter :-)...

As long as each instance can give you its pid it does not matter whether 
you are slicing at e.g. "Cluster", "Box", "Network" or any other 
grouping of Geronimo instances via your management panel. It makes it 
available to standard JMX monitors etc. via MBean/GBean/XBean 
(whatever!) attributes etc...

Writing pid info into a common place would restrict you to either only 
the instances running on one box, or a shared file system (not something 
everyone wants in production) or aggregating this info from a number of 
remote dirs. It might be useful for a development cycle, but I would be 
happier with a management solution that was not bounded by physical 
constraints in this way.

Just my penniesworth,


Bruce Snyder wrote:

>On 11/20/05, John Sisson <> wrote:
>>PID file thoughts (long term enhancement)..
>>I noticed that in Tomcat 5.5.12 has the ability to store the
>>PID in a file where the file name is supplied the CATALINA_PID
>>environment variable.
>>I am wondering if geronimo's startup script could somehow get hold of
>>the domain and server names for the Geronimo instance to be started.
>>Geronimo's startup script could store the PID for Geronimo (when
>>Geronimo is started)  in a file whose name is constructed using the
>>domain and server names and stored in a central location that Geronimo
>>knows how to find.
>>This would enable one to look in a directory and see all the PIDs for
>>Geronimo instances currently running.  This would allow us to create
>>diagnostic/management scripts that can use this information.  It would
>>also allow Geronimo itself to read the file to find the PID if we or any
>>third party wanted to provide any integration of operating system
>>information in the console (would only be available for operating
>>systems where PID information is available).  Just thinking out loud...
>>When we are run multiple instances of Geronimo, where will users
>>configure the domain and server names that are used as part of the GBean
>I hazard a guess that this would be configured from the Console. But
>the clustering software will need to be made aware of this information
>somehow so it would need to be involved with the startup/shutdown
>cycles. I'm going to CC the WADI dev@ list on this to get that team
>more involved in this discussion.
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