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From John Sisson <>
Subject Re: Loose end #1 -- tomcat configuration files
Date Sat, 19 Nov 2005 07:04:48 GMT
JIRA issue "Review location of config-store directory" - should be considered 
when looking at support for multiple instances.


Jeff Genender wrote:

> +100 on this idea...we need to support multiple instances.  This is 
> going to be key on hosting configuration and developer shared boxes.
> Matt Hogstrom wrote:
>> I think anything we do in this area should start to factor in the 
>> idea of multiple configurations for a single Geronimo tree.  For 
>> example, if I was running server 1 and server 2 and wanted to have 
>> unique containers for both I would need something like:
>> $G/var/server1/catalina
>> $G/var/server2/catalina
>> as well as unique log4j properties files, config-store, etc.  
>> Continuing the single version per tree for 1.0 is fine but I'd like 
>> to see us start thinking in a larger context for more complicated 
>> customer deployments.  In one instance a customer may server multiple 
>> servers from a single NAS.
>> Just some food for thought.
>> David Jencks wrote:
>>> I now have servers for jetty and for tomcat built using the 
>>> packaging and assembly plugins.  For the second time I've spent 2 
>>> days trying to figure out why tomcat is broken only to realize that 
>>> some required configuration files are missing.  The server built in 
>>> modules/assembly copies the files from the tomcat module, whereas I 
>>> have simply included them in the geronimo-tomcat-j2ee assembly.  
>>> Both of these solutions are really unsatisfactory.
>>> How about writing a gbean that copies resources out of its classpath 
>>> and into a specified location (in var)?  This would let us package 
>>> these files in the geronimo-tomcat car so they would be available 
>>> for any tomcat server.  Can anyone see a problem with this approach?
>>> thanks
>>> david jencks

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