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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: validators
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 13:40:40 GMT
Yes thanks David, that does help.  So technically, could I directly call 
validateDD() and get the list of errors? I'm wanting to hook into the 
validation framework in Eclipse so that the validation errors appear in 
the "Problems View" prior to deployment.


David Jencks wrote:
> On Nov 17, 2005, at 9:06 PM, Sachin Patel wrote:
>> Could someone point me to where validation is being done on the 
>> deployment plans prior to deployment? Is there a single entry point 
>> for validation or is it being done within each of the builders?
>> Thanks
> Process goes something like this:
> builder determines through some black magic that the stuff you are 
> asking about is something it can deploy
> builder finds some files in likely places for the spec dd (if 
> appropriate) and geronimo plan (if present)
> builder reads xml files into xmlbeans XmlObjects
> builder applies a lot of transformations to change pre-j2ee1.4 dds to 
> 1.4 dds, and to update geronimo plans in various ways in an attempt to 
> preserve backwards compatibility even when we upgrade schemas.
> builder asks xmlbeans to validate against the schema.  The usual 
> method to call is SchemaConversionUtils.validateDD.
> The process for web module plans is a little different since you can 
> supply either a generic schema with container specific stuff or a 
> container specific plan.  A generic plan is converted into a plan for 
> a specific web container (currently jetty or tomcat).
> Hope  this explains something :-)
> david jencks

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